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Cloud solutions

Accelerate your business in the cloud

Enable your digital transformation with leading servers, software and other IT infrastructure solutions to take your business further
Cloud solutions

It’s just so easy

An IT infrastructure is the backbone of a successful organization and it needs to adapt as fast as your business does. Running your business in the cloud means you can thrive in a fast-changing environment and only pay for the resources you need, when you need them.

…and safe

Every business needs an IT infrastructure they can rely on. It plays a critical role in enabling competitive advantage and future growth by making services continuously available, enhancing overall efficiency and protecting valuable data.

  • Store, back up and recover data

    All data is automatically backed up, kept safe and always available from any location and device to cover every type of emergency scenario.

  • Keep systems up and running

    We guarantee a service level of 99.999% on our infrastructure uptime with a financially backed SLA for peak performance, connectivity and peace of mind.

  • Protect what’s important

    Partnering with a SOC 2 Type II provider ensures the security of your data while maintaining strict compliance standards.

Performance Cloud

Powerful servers run even the most demanding workload, storage large volume of information and ensure constant uptime. That's what you get with Performance Cloud servers, built for high performance and reliability from the ground up

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure gives you infinite possibilities to build and deploy the IT project of your dreams. It’s open and flexible cloud service platform lets you get more done by taking advantage of its ever-growing list of integrated services, applications and tools. Choose Azure with Fimmaec IT Consulting Group and get 24/7 cloud support.

Nerdio for WVD

Provisioning virtual desktops at a large scale can be complex and time consuming. It involves many steps to build an Azure-powered virtual desktop experience. Why spend days or weeks implementing WVD for your workforce when you can get a complete desktop up and running within a few hours? Nerdio’s automation platform simplifies and accelerates the entire process, saving you time and money

Managed Cloud

Not worrying about your infrastructure means you can focus on other priorities like growing your business. Our Managed Cloud team of experts will look after your network and always keep you in the know about what’s happening with your infrastructure. We’ll do the heavy lifting for functions such as maintenance, systems monitoring, reporting and technical support. Take advantage of our expertise in managing SLAs, hardware, datacenters and working with application developers.

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