Infrastucture as a Service (IaaS)

Your cloud infrastructure is comprised of hardware and software that allows users to access the cloud. Applications are then implemented that offer a host of useful solutions to business’s most complex problems. This is the real value of business IT. To better understand how cloud infrastructure components work together to solve business’s problems, consider each of the following:

  • Cloud computing – This is the power behind your cloud infrastructure. Virtualization software links computer servers together, which allow for the distribution of power wherever it's required. After determining how much power you need, we develop a cloud computing solution that meets your needs and allows you to scale upwards.
  • Cloud storage – This is where your data is contained. Cloud storage can be comprised of hard drives or flash drives, or a combination of the two. Software is then used to ensure your cloud storage systems offer high-performance access. Security protocols are then employed to ensure the data stored within your cloud storage hardware is fully protected.
  • Networking – Data moving freely between cloud computing resources is defined as networking. Your employees can communicate with each other and customers because of networking. There are a variety of exciting applications that can enhance productivity and customer satisfaction, streamlining your company's networking capabilities. These tools are essential to remain competitive in most business markets.

Cloud computing and remote desktop services

Remote desktop services, also called RDS, are especially useful for many companies. Users can access the cloud from any location and any device by simply accessing the cloud. Increased productivity and enhanced collaboration are just two benefits of using remote desktop services.

Users can access applications and data during non-working hours, which is important in the modern work environment. They can begin a work session on one device in the office, and finish it on another from a remote location. Updates are no longer necessary as long as every user in your organization has access to the latest version. You save money and the possibility for errors is significantly reduced.

If your office ever has to close due to unforeseen circumstances, like a natural disaster or some other emergency, normal operations do not have to stop. RDS is a great way to bridge the gap between business and technology, and we can help you determine if it's a useful cloud computing solution for your needs.

Customizing a cloud computing solution for your business

Competing in today's global economy requires getting the most out of your technology. We can help you craft a solution that maximizes your business's potential and reduce the cost of maintaining a fully-staffed in-house IT support team. You can focus on business as we ensure your IT operates as expected in the background. Indeed, the best IT infrastructure is one you seldom notice, and that's where our team of professionals excels.

Customizing your cloud services starts by understanding your business and workflow. With a host of tools at our disposal, we can develop an IT support solution that grows along with your business. Best of all, you won't have to pay for services you don't use.

Contact one of our experienced IT engineers today and find out if there is a cloud solution that will work for you.

Streamline business processes. Improve organizational workflows and efficiencies. Drive project deliverable. Business software includes cloud solutions for Business , document management, productivity and virtualization tools. It also consists of business automation, business data insights, legal technology, accounting software, construction and architectural design solutions. 

Cloud Infrastructure

Increase business agility to reduce costs, risk and resource demands while delivering stronger revenue, support, reliability and operational efficiency.

  • Infrastructure software includes cloud solutions for IT
  • Cloud computing platforms
  • Application development
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Migration services and developer tools.
  • File storage
  • Network appliances
  • Database management
  • Virtual machines

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