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There is a variety of ways cloud services are used

The internet is changing the way people conduct business, and cloud services are making it more versatile.  Cloud computing is becoming more popular than the traditional ways due to infrastructure costs, scalability, business continuity, collaboration efficiency and flexibility for anywhere, anytime access to resources.  It is best described as renting versus buying server space or access to software from a cloud service provider and paying for only the services needed.  Cloud services are usually segmented into public (internet – online services), private (internal – on premise) or a hybrid of both. 

With our cloud IT solutions, we offer tailor-made IT solutions that are secure, scalable and most suited for your individual needs. It typically means a split between public and private cloud services, a hybrid of both, for performance and redundancy purposes. We partner with only the top players in the field, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as data centers located in Orlando and Seattle.As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can provide you with a suitable strategy for your cloud computing security considerations.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can provide you with a suitable strategy for your cloud computing security considerations.

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There are three basic varieties of cloud computing, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. When working with clients, one of our primary goals is to develop an IT cloud computing solution that meets their needs. This sounds easy enough, but there are many factors to consider. The most effective way to build an IT infrastructure foundation is to understand the basics and then build from there. Let's review the three varieties of cloud deployment.

Private Cloud services are used by a single company or organization. As the name suggests, data is not exposed to the public, which allows for enhanced security. Only the company that houses the private cloud can access the data and manage it. The private cloud is also protected behind a firewall. Features of a private cloud include:

  • Single tenancy
  • No public exposure
  • Data Center located in the company's network
  • Hardware owned by the company
  • More expensive than alternatives

Some organizations and companies require private cloud IT infrastructure because they must protect sensitive data. Medical institutions are one example.

Our team of engineers can help customize a private cloud solution specifically tailored to your company needs. You have complete control over the way your cloud services are customized and controlled. Privacy and security are maximized, and there are a variety of tools we may suggest to help you reach business objectives.

Public Cloud services are totally virtualized and provide an environment where shared resources are leveraged while maintaining the privacy of each user’s data. They are highly beneficial for many companies; however, mostly larger companies use them. They reduce the need for them to purchase and maintain their own in-house servers and storage. Some of the features of public cloud services include:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Public access to cloud services
  • Internet access
  • Cloud services provided by your managed services provider
  • Hardware provided by cloud services provider
  • Less expensive than a private cloud

There are a number of reasons why companies choose public cloud services. We can help you explore this option in full to maximize the value of your IT infrastructure and cyber security budget. Hybrid Cloud services are a combination of private and public cloud computing solutions. You may need to use a private server to house sensitive data and applications while using a public cloud for those that are less sensitive. Users have access to both private and public clouds, so their experience should be seamless. Some hybrid cloud features include:

  • Both single and multi-tenancy (based on where data is stored)
  • Public cloud accessible by anyone versus private cloud accessible by user
  • Private cloud located internally versus public cloud accessible via the Internet
  • Private cloud managed internally versus public cloud managed by cloud services provider
  • Cost benefits may be substantial or minimal, depending on the circumstances        

Integrating public and private cloud usage into your cloud computing solution may be a viable and more affordable IT solution. With cyber security issues at an all-time high, you will also have to weigh your business' data protection needs. We can help you develop a comprehensive solution based on your company's unique demands.

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