Business Applications

Streamline business processes. Improve organizational workflows and efficiencies. Drive project deliverable. Business software includes cloud solutions for Business , document management, productivity and virtualization tools. It also consists of business automation, business data insights, legal technology, accounting software, construction and architectural design solutions. 

Hosting Your Business Applications Reduces Downtime

While Fimmaec  IT takes care of your applications, you can take advantage of an application environment with enterprise-class performance, resiliency, and redundancy that fits your business needs and budget.

We make sure your applications are properly installed, configured, secured and integrated. Our application hosting services reduce and even eliminate downtime for your business. Working with us, you can rest easy knowing your applications will always run smoothly.

Business Solutions

  •  Adobe Sign
  • Apptivio
  • Autodesk-Software collections
  • Microsoft-Dynamic 365
  • Microsoft-Windows 10
  • New Day AtWork-Workspace 365

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